Golf Instruction

Individual Instruction
Are you looking to take your game to the next level?  Individual instruction allows our PGA professional staff to evaluate the areas where your game needs the most improvement.  Lessons including a golf swing and short game evaluation take approximately 40 minutes.   Developmental lessons can take up to an hour and playing lessons are approximately 2 hours.  For the committed student, discounted lesson packages are available.   Call the Pro Shop at 1-888-Pete-Dye (1-888-738-3393) or (540) 633-6732 for lesson availability and pricing.

Group Instruction
Do you feel like you might be more comfortable in a group or class atmosphere?  If so, we offer a wide array of clinic experiences geared towards beginners, women, college students, faculty/staff, and specific elements of the short game.  Call the Pro Shop at 1-888-Pete-Dye (1-888-738-3393) or (540) 633-6732 to reserve a place in one of the following clinics or to plan a private group instruction program.




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